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Leave the Turf Clippings Behind for a Healthier Yard

This can produce a large amount of yard clippings. An alternative option is to go natural and leave the yard clipping in place on the yard; this helps promote a healthy yard and saves on labor.

Cut grass quickly breaks-down after a routine mowing session and motivates the production of valuable micro-organisms and earthworms that keep the healthy state of the turf and soil. Lawn clippings include nutrients which are recycled into the lawn, and fertilize the soil for stable development. On-going cultivation (aeration) of the yard is the very best technique to prevent the onset on thatch (a spongy, brown kind of material which includes dead grass-roots and stems).

Trimming the Lawn

Grass height can depend on the particular turf seed. Try to avoid letting the turf grow overly long since this can increases the opportunity of the clippings smothering the lawn.

When cutting with a walk-behind mower, it is necessary to have a routine mowing schedule in place to make sure the yard is kept brief and that no more than 1/3 of the yard is cut on each cutting session. It takes considerably less-time to trim often and leave the little clippings on the yard than to trim the long yard every 3 or four weeks and rake and bag the clippings.

Lawn mower Operation

A variety of push or powered lawn mowers are offered to assist maintains the lush-green and healthy yard. If looking at the option of leaving lawn clippings behind, any of the walk-behind lawn mowers must be up to requirement, supplied the grass is cut prior to it gets too long. Beyond the conventional reel devices, a mulching lawn mower chops turf clipping much smaller; typically slicing the yard blades several times before falling on the yard. Reel or similar push lawn mowers can have a bag or turf catcher attached, if chosen. Cutting choice frequently boils down to size of yard, trimming routines (frequency), and available finances.

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